Trash can

Size: W200 x 200 x H300mm
Weight: 1.1kg
Material: Polypropylene (main part)
ABS (cover)

Product Description

The TUBELOR design is inspired by the concept of being conscious of the environment, reduce waste, being innovative without losing the aesthetics.
It was not long ago that it was still very common to receive a plastic bag for every purchase in a shop or on a market. Ideaco was already thinking of ways to reduce and recycle the pile of plastic waste by using them as a liner for the Tubelor trash can. A simple TUBELOR cover placed over a waste basket conceals the inner plastic bag.
The streamlined design makes the Tubelor look less like a waste bin, and more like a modern sculpture. Since then Ideaco has designed and development a whole range of trash cans all based on the original award winning Tubelor. Many offices and design & boutique hotels around the world have been adorned with an item from the Tubelor series of trashcans.

All Tubelor trashcans are made from the same durable materials.

The Tubelor trashcans has won the iF Design award in 2008.



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