Double Set

Double Set


Name: Double Set
Size: planter A
W25 x D25 x H21mm
planter B
W33 x D23 x H21mm
frame S
W67 x D39 x H67mm frame L
W116 x D45 x H150mm
Weight: total 180g
Material: Ceramics, Katsura tree,
Magnet, Steel,

Product Description

The Japanese have always believed god existed in all elements.
God is in the rivers, mountains, trees, and in each single stone.
Bonkei originated in ancient times as a way to express nature’s divine beauty.
These miniature landscapes were used to depict harmony in the natural environment.
“Framescape” was specifically developed for bonkei creation and its display at home.
Enjoy growing plants and experimenting with the bonkei’s arrangement.
Balance the display with the season, use it to express your feelings.


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